Extensions + renovations

Joinery + kitchen design

Facade re-design

Landscape design

Project management

Interior Design

Residential interiors

Commercial interiors

Show home design

Holiday home makeover

Decluttering consultancy


Review of existing plans

Property pre-purchase advise

Preparing your property for sale

Kerb appeal

Project management

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 Architectural Services

  • Extensions & renovations

  • Kitchen design

  • Custom joinery design

  • Review of existing plans

  • Facade transformations 

  • Kerb appeal consultancy  

  • 3D Perspectives and visuals

  • Detail design and documentation

  • Furniture and finishes selection

Project Management

  • Cost plan and budget 

  • Council approvals

  • Tender and quotes

  • Selection and coordination of consultants and sub-contractors

  • Site management & coordination

  • Construction management

Review of existing plans

​If you already have plans and elevations, we can review them and give our professional opinion for your piece of mind prior to building. You will be spending a lot of money on your building project and we can help you avoid costly mistakes. All our customers using our review service take the majority of our comments on board and are 100% grateful about the changes we suggest. 

It's not too late to change your design even if your Planning Permission is already in place. It is best to make any changes now before your building works begin.


Landscape design

  • Site and space needs analysis

  • Landscape plan design

  • Custom outdoor joinery design 

  • Outdoor furniture sourcing

We can prepare a landscape design for your front and back gardens either for a DIY project or to give to a landscape company to execute.

First impressions count!


We assess each individual property and create a bespoke design to suit your home, location, budget and asking price. With expertise in both Interiors and Architecture, our team will:

  • Give your home the WOW factor and make it stand out.

  • Make the most of your home spatially and visually.

  • Advice on furniture placement and finishing touches to highlight the positive aspects of your property and maximise its full potential.

  • Advice on how to improve your house frontage and kerb appeal 

  • Review front and back gardens with suggestion on cost-effective measures to make them sale ready.

  • Keep costs to a minimum whilst achieving maximum impact.

For this service, we carry out a 2 hour consultation to review your property. Our analysis will give an objective view and will present to you the key areas that are in need of attention. We will recommend improvements that are vital for a quick sale, as well as additional work to drive the value of your property even higher.​ 


You can use some or all of our recommendations to implement yourself or we can provide an additional project management service to help you.

Preparing Your Property for Sale


Whether you’re selling or letting, we can help you transform your property into a designer home to impress your target audience but without breaking the bank.

Your home is probably your most expensive asset and a good selling price is essential in order to realise your investment. Our property sale consultancy will ensure that your property stands out from the rest, making it more desirable to a broader buying audience for a faster and more profitable sale.

The first couple of weeks in a property sale are the most important as all interested buyers will get a notification followed by an initial frenzy of enthusiasm. First impressions are made in this window of opportunity. If it doesn’t attract potential buyers now, it may go stale.

If your property has been for sale for a while without a lot of interest, we advise you take it off the market and re-launch with a fresh look. Let the photos and your property presentation do the talking!

Our property sale consultation aims to give your house the edge over your competition and it is the best short term investment you can make today.

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Home Buyer Consultancy

We offer professional advise on a property you may be interested in buying. We can prepare sketch plans and elevations to show you how it can be extended or modified internally to suit your needs. You will be spending a lot of money on your purchase so why not consult with us to see what you can do with the property. 


We can advise you on:

  • The property potential 

  • Opportunity for extending the property 

  • Renovations ideas

  • Space planning

  • Site analysis

Plan before you buy! 

Interior Design

We offer affordable Interior Design and home styling service which aim to bring a designer look and feel to your home without breaking the bank balance.​ We help our clients make design decisions to achieve their design vision and help them avoid costly mistakes. 

Our Interior Design service starts with a consultation to discuss the areas you would like to address. A face-to-face consultation will take up to 2 hours at your property. We will take you through our briefing process to help us understand the look and feel of what you are trying to achieve, as well as what you like and don’t like about your home.

We can offer professional advice on how to make better use of your space, on furniture, finishes, lighting, art, paint colours, wallpapers, window treatment, soft furnishings and accessories. We like to re-use as much of your existing furniture as possible to keep your costs down and can also offer advice on refurbishing or upcycling some of your furniture pieces to fit your new design scheme.

After our initial consultation we prepare your design scheme and concept board, which will offer solutions on all the elements needed for your space and a complete shopping guide with details of all the elements shown on the board, prices and details of where to find them.  We will have several options for each. 

Project Management & Sourcing

If you don’t have the time to get your project off the ground alone, we can help:

  • Arrange for quotes to be submitted for the work required

  • Narrow down choices for you (e.g. on carpets, window coverings or paint colours, fabrics)

  • Co-ordinate and project manage all trades required for your project

  • Be the main point of contact for tradespeople 

  • Co-ordinate the purchase of new furniture and accessories

  • Help you place and style all your accessories in your finished room


Online service

If you live too far away or simply don’t have the time for a meeting, then we can work with you online, over the phone and via facetime / skype / whatsapp video to understand your brief and develop your concept. The process is simple and we have many clients further afield who choose this service. ​


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Decluttering Consultancy


The more things you own, the more they own you!


Decluttering has become a bit of a cliché term but the fact is that most homes do tend to get cluttered and disorganised over time. If a house is ordered well, it is much easier to keep things tidy.


We start with a short consultation to come up with an action plan. The follow-up decluttering session lasts approximately 5 hours. We work with you help you eliminate unneeded possessions but we never force you. If we don't manage to get through your entire home, we will certainly make sure we cover all key areas and give you the tools and know-how to continue on your own. If you are selling your property and relocating, it is advisable to start clearing and sorting well in advance of the moving date.

‘You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterdays junk.’

Louise Smith, the first lady of racing

Show Homes

The sole purpose of a Show Home is to help sell.


With expertise in both Interiors and Architecture, we achieve outstanding Show Homes.


Our design approach for each project is to:

  • Make the Show Home unique to capture the viewer's imagination.

  • Create the wow factor for anyone who walks through the door.

  • Create a flow through the house and show the viewer how the space can be used.

  • Give that extra pizzazz through unique accessories and artwork

  • Dress the property to maximise the best angles and light sources.

  • Conceal any features which may be less desirable.

  • Provide lighting to make the property feel warm and homely.

  • Create an budget conscious design at a minimum spend.

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Holiday Homes 

​We offer a holiday home makeover or a full interior design service.

Each home is designed to suit its locality, target audience and exterior aesthetics. Whether it is a full interior design or a partial makeover, we work to our client's budget and timescale to make their property as attractive as possible for the marketing photos and visitors.


  • Budget conscious design whilst maintaining designer quality  

  • Finishes and material boards

  • Furniture, finishes and accessories selection and specification

  • Detail design and documentation

  • 3D visualisations

  • Custom joinery design 


Commercial fitouts

  • Site analysis | Building appraisal | Space needs analysis | Facilities requirements analysis | Brief development | Space planning

  • Sketch, feasibility and presentation layouts

  • Detail design and documentation

  • Custom joinery design, furniture and finishes selection

  • Artwork and graphics

  • Construction management

  • Design and management of show floors and marketing suites

Good office design creates great workplace culture and it is essential in nurturing the people who encounter it, both staff and clients. Taking on a new office space is an opportunity to continue telling the story of your company and it should be a fundamental part of your image and branding. 


The decision to create a new workspace provides an opportunity to re-align business focus with multiple advantages:

  • Energises staff and encourages creativity

  • Increases productivity

  • Opportunity to implement better office processes

  • Re-align business focus

  • Improve facilities for staff and clients

  • Improves office culture

We are passionate and committed to an exceptional quality of office design regardless of budget or scale of project. We enjoy getting our clients involved in the design process and encourage them to help us create an office environment that is enjoyable and unique, suited 100% to their requirements.

For every project, we focus on understanding our clients' needs to deliver an outstanding project from assisting in the assessment of suitable office space, concept design and space planning through to reliable cost and construction management.