Activity Based Workspace

For most of us, the office is where we spend the majority of our week. The daily commute and hours at your desk are a reality we cannot escape from. We believe a good office space makes your day just that little bit more enjoyable. You spend hours and hours pondering on how to best design your home so why wouldn't you want to be an a well-designed office! After all, you spend more time there than anywhere else!! Activity Based Workspace or ABW for those in the know, has been the big hoo-ha of the decade in office design. So what is it?! Is it just a fancy word for hotdesking I hear you say! Does it really work?! Activity Based Working gives employees a choice on how, when and where they wor

The concept behind a winning design

Every good design starts with a vision. After several months of design work and collaborative workshops with our Client, their design was finalised and put into action. This is a quick post to show the concept boards for the Lawyers' office prior to construction.

Industrial fitout fit for Lawyers

We are very proud of this ultra modern fitout for a firm of lawyers who moved from a very traditional office into a fabulous new space and wanted to shake things up a little. Lawyers tend to like a more traditional conservative style but our Clients accepted our proposals to explore the unknown and expose the services in the ceilings and strip the carpets to the bare concrete in their common and public areas. They also agreed to put their offices around the core of the building, in turn freeing the perimeter of the building for the open-plan workstation areas. This in turn meant maximum light from the windows filtered into their space for everyone to enjoy. Using recycled railway sleepers as

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